Saturday, February 23, 2013

We're Moving!

I've decided to end The Line by AlexanderKhan. I will be setting up shop under my own banner at This blogger site has been great fun, but I need a space I can call my own and get more in depth about the issues that matter to me. So please, if you liked The Line by AlexanderKhan check out my new site at I've pasted the Mission Statement for FedRev below. Enjoy!

FedRev Mission Statement

The reason I'm embarking on this project is because I'm interested in the relationship between society and the mass media it produces, and I evaluate art primarily with that in mind. How does culture influence art, and how does art influence culture? I want to be a place for lively, active analysis and discussion of film, music, and television, and how it relates to the world around us.
I consider myself an advocate for a high quality mainstream, and I don't tolerate the dumbing down of society as is often encouraged by the the mainstream media industry. I submit that even the most entertaining art should stimulate your brain, because when your mind is actively engaged you will find yourself being entertained on a high level. I don't believe "turning off your brain" is a form of entertainment, and I penalize anything that encourages this behavior. When I review media I like to recommend lesser known art in order to draw attention to things that deserve a wider audience, and I'm more than willing to slam popular art that does harm to society. Politics are important to me, and I factor my political worldview into my opinions. I will try to be true to myself, my values, and my instincts, while simultaneously keeping a larger perspective in mind. It's not all about me, and so I want my views to reflect both the macro and the micro.
I love debate. Challenge me. If you don't agree with something I say, let me know, offer another perspective, and let's have a productive conversation so we can learn from each other as individuals, and help to increase media IQ of society at large. I want this project to be a valuable resource for people who like to engage with the culture around them and the art it produces. Take my perspective, mull it over, and then do what you will with it. And enjoy!

Join me at my new home:

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